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PWI: Hurricane Brochure

 Perfect Wall, Inc. Introduces

The Hurricane Proof House

"Safety Through Innovation" 

  • The only light gauge steel framed home available that can save lives in the event of a tornado, hurricane, or seismic activity.

  • Our homes are designed, engineered, and tested to withstand loads of 500 pounds psf without failure and shear tested to 17,000 pounds psf.

  • Our innovative and patented building methods provide the homeowner with an indestructible and fireproof framework for their home.

Patented foundation method ensures the frame work a secure and permanent attachment to the foundation.

Each truss is welded to the walls and to each other utilizing another patented product. The truss system becomes one welded component.

Patented building components are welded together creating a framework of uncompromising rigidity and strength never before seen or available.


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