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Flush-Mount Backing

3-in-1 (Backing, Blocking, and Bridging)

The System (Slotted deflection track)

Fire-Tite Bridging & Blocking

The Angle System

Curved Angle

Who we are

Perfect Wall, Inc. manufactures and distributes the only patented, fully code compliant systems used in light gauge metal stud framing. Twenty-five years ago, Perfect Wall began researching all National Building Codes as they relate to the metal framing industry, in order to invent a unique line of products resolving inefficiencies in the current metal stud framing process. This resulted in the invention of a highly efficient, code compliant system covering every aspect of metal stud framed walls.


These products encompass areas like seismic deflection for the head-of-wall, fire-blocking, bridging, backing, and a head-of-wall system for curved partitions requiring upward and downward movement for seismic activity. Perfect Wall uses our patented products to construct entirely unique houses. These houses are built to be hurricane proof and tornado proof, while withstanding earthquakes, floods, and termites. Building these houses allows us to continue our research and development towards creating a stronger, more efficient code compliant system for metal stud framing than is readily available in the market today in home and commercial environments.


Perfect Wall, Inc. owns the rights to manufacture, distribute, and market Metal-Lite's complete patented line of products. Perfect Wall Inc.'s products are produced and shipped daily to contractors and suppliers all over the United States with the highest level of quality assurance. Every product that Perfect Wall produces is backed by National Building Codes.


In order to ensure that Perfect Wall remains current on all new building codes and standards, we continuously study all new changes to National Building Codes as they relate to the metal stud framing industry. After this knowledge is obtained we then apply each code to a particular product where applicable related to metal stud framing assemblies. Perfect Wall Inc.'s goal is to provide the Architects and Contractors of the United States with a complete, code compliant system for metal stud framing that's never been seen before in the construction industry as it exists today.

Our pledge to you

Perfect Wall, Inc. has made a commitment to architects, contractors, owners, and building officials to provide the most extensive technical support in the metal stud framing industry. Whenever Perfect Wall products are used in construction we support you with field technical support to answer questions, assist with training for installations, and resolve technical issues as they arise during construction.

Perfect Wall products are UL Listed and Approved and can be used on projects anywhere in the United States under any code for the light gauge metal stud framing industry. Our patented metal stud framing products are the only ADA Compliant systems available for commercial use.